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Critical and Creative Thinking Skills for Children with ADHD


Teachers Reference

Critical and creative thinking skills sit alongside a group of other general capabilities within the Australian National Curriculum. The activities included in this book provide opportunities for the development of thinking skills as well as many other general capabilities and content specific skills in areas such as English, maths and science

The focus of the book is specifically on the teaching and learning of critical and creative thinking skills for children with ADHD and/or other learning difficulties. The National Curriculum describes a wide range of interrelated elements which combine to form the critical and creative thinking capability, and which can challenge these children in particular ways:

  • inquiring – identifying, exploring and clarifying information
  • generating innovative ideas and possibilities
  • reflecting on thinking, actions and processes
  • analysing, synthesising and evaluating information

The tasks in this book are ideal for use with smaller groups of around six children, but can be adapted for both smaller and larger group sizes Where possible, they apply to real-life situations to make them more meaningful when relating them to the thinking skills.

The activities are generally suitable for primary aged children, and have been designed so that they can be used with older primary children who require higher levels of support.

Pages: 52 | Ages: 2-12

By Anne Vize, Linda Wheeler