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Teaching Solutions

Creating Wonder


Using simple theory-based information, Creating Wonder celebrates the use of natural and recycled materials to support children as they experience wonder from the creative play and learning opportunities that develop from using these materials.

Including these materials in both indoor and outdoor environments helps children to:

  • use all their senses, leading to rich learning opportunities
  • learn to appreciate and respect the natural world
  • explore ways of negotiating risk
  • enjoy searching for ‘found’ objects and materials to treasure
  • engage in imaginative play
  • learn about reusing materials
  • use problem-solving skills, imagination and creativity as they interact with open-ended materials

Using natural and recycled materials enables educators to create rich and rewarding environments in a cost-effective way. The many striking visual images in this book will motivate educators to create play and learning environments to delight young children. Links to the EYLF are included, with a focus on the outcomes and learning dispositions of the NQS.