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Hawker Brownlow

Create It with Kidspiration 3

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Teachers Reference

We know that all students learn differently, and many require content to be presented visually in order to retain it. Kidspiration is ideal for these learners, as it allows primary educators to teach literacy, numeracy and thinking skills using proven visual thinking methodologies. The program’s dynamic tools and features can be used to design fun activities to engage all students.

This revised Australian edition of Create It with Kidspiration shows teachers how to use Kidspiration 3 to its full potential. You’ll learn the basics and explore the functions of all three modes: Picture View, Writing View and Maths View. The 44 sample activities span the four core Australian curriculum learning areas – Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences – with instructions for effective implementation in both a computer lab and a single-computer classroom.

Each activity has two accompanying Kidspiration files for students to work on, and a completed version for marking purposes – these files are available to download via the password-protected internet portal. Screenshots and step-by-step instructions are provided to help you design and create your own activities.