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Hawker Brownlow

Clones Cats and Chemicals - Thinking Scientifically About Controversial Issues


Teachers Reference

If you want students to think – really think – about the science behind some of today’s toughest controversies, this book will give you both the facts and the framework to provoke fascinating discussions. Among the questions it raises:

  • Does human cloning present a threat or an opportunity?
  • Do common cats constitute a major threat to wildlife?
  • Will the development of new chemical and biological weapons deter war or lead to it?
  • Just how much effect does violence in the media have on children?
  • Should all newborns be genetically screened for diseases?
  • How far should we go with stem cell research?

Clones, Cats, and Chemicals challenges students to confront scientific and social problems that offer few black-and-white choices. They’re presented as 10 dilemmas from the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, Earth science, technology and mathematics. Each question is presented as a two-part unit: concise scientific background and possible alternative resolutions for the teacher and a reproducible essay, questions and activities to guide students in debating and decision making.

Resourceful teachers aren’t limited to the topics, background and activities presented here. Simply follow the format of Clones, Cats, and Chemicals to organise the facts about hot local issues for your students to investigate. With the help of this provocative book, you can give students regular opportunities to explore the pros and cons of difficult decisions.