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Classroom Quizzes


Ages 11+
Blackline Master

Classroom Quizzes

Help increase general knowledge

Classroom Quizzes is series of educational blackline master quizzes aimed at stimulating children’s interest in their world. The questions, written for ages 11+, cover a vast range of subjects, are easy to present, mark and assess, and are easily adaptable to suit specific school and class situations.

There are 32 standard quizzes, four revision quizzes and four thematic quizzes, covering the themes ‘Australia’, ‘The Movies’, ‘Literature’ and ‘Christmas’. In all, there are 40 quizzes – one for each week of the school year.


  • designed to increase students’ general knowledge
  • quiz questions cover a wide range of subjects
  • quizzes are easy to implement and assess
  • can be adapted to suit teacher’s preferences
  • encourages discussion and interaction in the classroom
  • answers provided