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Child-Initiated Learning


Teachers Reference

Best practice in early years education is to understand young children’s development and respect their current interests. The National Quality Framework, through the NQS and the EYLF, has created a strong focus on the importance of child-initiated learning through framing educator practice to encompass children’s active choice about what to do within any set day.

This book offers practical advice on:

  • what is meant by child-initiated learning and self-chosen experiences
  • how observant educators are able to support children’s learning
  • the importance of first-hand experiences for children and an interesting learning environment
  • flexible planning and documentation, in response to children’s interests and skills
  • dealing with uncertainty and confusion about adult-led activities and group time

Each chapter features case studies of child-initiated learning working in practice in a variety of group early years settings. This book is essential for all those working in the early years looking to offer stimulating and challenging learning experiences with every child in their setting.