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Brain Spice

Chemistry in the Marketplace

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Book - All Ages

A very well-known and popular book about the real-life applications of chemistry.

If you enjoy fresh sights, new foods, and making voyages of discovery into the world around you, you will enjoy this book.

This invaluable reference book explores the hidden world of chemistry that surrounds us in our daily life: in the bedroom (perfumes, deodorants and sunscreens); the kitchen (nutrition, food preparation and commercial processing); the restaurant (wine, food additives and poisons). It leads you into the garden where a consumer's safety guide is essential, through the chemistry of soils, weeds and pesticides. It explores your car (petrol, batteries and solar energy), your home safety (toxicity and flammability), your shopping basket (plastics, glass and metals) and the environment (the ozone layer and greenhouse effect).

The serious science in this traveller's guide is clearly explained in terms everyone can understand. Illustrated with fascinating anecdotes, interesting snippets of information, and experiments which further clarify the topic, it is both informative and entertaining, and is an excellent reference source for real-life applications of chemistry.