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Charm Bracelet Studio - Klutz


Hop on the hottest trend in jewellery with Klutz. Use our fool-proof, step-by-step instructions to paint your own gold charm bangle bracelets. Choose from more than 100 designs that represent who you are and what you are interested in.

The 52-page book also explains what different symbols and animals mean. Decorate both sides of the high-quality gold metal charms with the painting tool; then top off your creations with a coat of our custom finishing gloss for an enamel-like finish.

Mix and match your charm-ing masterpieces on 3 gold bangle bracelets (all included in the kit). It's never been easier to craft your own stand-out style!


•52-page book

•3 gold metal bangle bracelets

•15 large blank gold metal charms

•6 small blank gold metal charms

•5 colours of paint

•21 jump rings

•Finishing gloss (10 mL)

•Rhinestone stickers

•Decal stickers

•Custom painting tool