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Brain Spice

Big Bonsai - Böhm Stirling engine


Power and energy pour from this machine via a double overhead cam.

This very well made German Stirling runs using the supplied burner. Just add methylated spirits (denatured alcohol), light and place under the Stirling engine. Wait a short while for engine to heat up and give the flywheel a flick. It will burst into life and get up to an impressive speed. You can then throttle the speed by sliding back the burner or removing

Size: 156 mm x 108 mm x 150 mm

Weight: 1.35kg

Base plate: Beech Dark

Bearings: 10 high-class ball-bearings

Speed: 2500rpm

Working time: 30 min

Materials: Polished stainless steel screws & guide components; brass cylinder & wheels