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ITC Publications

Beginning Teachers Companion


itc publications announce the release of its newest publication the beginning teachers’ companion.

Written specifically to assist those starting their teaching careers, the beginning teachers’ companion explores 7 key areas vital to a successful induction into the classroom and the profession.
  • Answering he fundamental question – Why are your students going to be better off because you are their teacher?
  • Good teacher or good teaching – understand the importance of teaching practice in making a real difference.
  • Creating the quality learning environment – what should you be considering when you enter your first classroom?
  • What’s your teaching and learning methodology? – understand the importance of developing your personal pedagogy. An introduction to a thinking skill framework
  • Lesson structure (delivery and planning) – Explore a template based on an Explicit Instruction Model to assist in planning your lessons.
  • Giving feedback and guidance – Reviewing your practice – how should it be done.
So whether you are about to embark on your teacher training or are a principal looking to assist your newest staff members the beginning teachers’ companion is there for you.

Written after extensive consultation with the teacher training sector, the beginning teachers’ companion offers a practical examination of the skills of teaching.

A must for any beginning teacher.