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Australian History


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Blackline Master

Primary Australian History

Pre-European to the Present Day

A blackline master series on the historyof Australia frompre-Europeancontact to the present day.


  • overarching time line highlighting events covered in the series plus selected events in Australia and world history
  • explanation of historical literacy skills and their relevance to the teaching of history today
  • historical literacy skillsclass record sheet
  • individual student evaluation sheet
  • curriculum links
  • resources for further research indicating appropriate RIC publications, suitable websites, reference books and journals, fiction and no-fiction books

Units in each book include one teachers page

  • indicators describing student activities background information placing the subject covered in the unit into historical context
  • answer to comprehension activities
  • suggested subjects for further research related to the unit, to develop the knowledge and understanding of a period in Australia’s history, and to enhance the skills required to researchthoroughly and objectively
  • time line highlighting key dates relevant to the specific unit, in addition to selected significant dates in Australian and world history