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Brain Spice



2-6 Players

Who will be numero uno in this quick playing, simple, multi-award winning, fun family card game of manic maths? There is no waiting around as everyone plays simultaneously against one another to try to add, subtract, multiply or divide the right combination of cards in their hand to equal the Arithmanix number. The excitement builds as you race to be the first player to crack the calculation and then turn the timer to put pressure on your opponents to make their calculation before time runs out. Pile up the points by equaling the Arithmanix number, or minimize your losses by getting as close to it as you can. Keep it simple to score quick wins or go for bonus points with a more complex calculation, but be careful not to get caught out by the dreaded order of operations! Will you be the master of multiplication or be defeated by division? Every round throws up new number combinations and a new calculation to crack, in this clever game that you will want to play again and again. Suitable for age 8+ Quick + Simple x Fun = Arithmanix “A fast thinking, brain training, code cracking, number crunching battle of mental arithmetic” “The key to being good at arithmetic is practice so you can speed up. This simple card game is perfect for that. Fun and doesn’t feel like sums..” The Independent (Best back-to-school buys).