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Thames and Hudson

Are We Being Watched?


Book - Mature Age

This book applies the latest scientific discoveries and theories to enquire whether life exists on other planets and, if so, what forms it might take. Could there be, elsewhere, life as advanced as here on Earth, or are we more likely to find much more primitive life forms, or even no life at all? Can science tell us whether there is something out there? Or are we the sole living organisms in a desolate and boundless cosmos? This is an impeccably thorough review of the evidence, making accessible an extraordinary array of scientific findings, including cuttingedge research by biologists, astronomers and palaeontologists.

About the Author

Paul Murdin is former president of the European Astronomical Society. He has also been Director of the British National Space Centre and Treasurer of the Royal Astronomical Society. He is currently Fellow at the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge University and Visiting Professor at Liverpool John Moores University. Among his other books are Catalogue of the Universe and Secrets of the Universe.