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Brain Spice

Apollo Jackson Hyper Visual Street Magic Trick Set with over 100 Magic Tricks


Get ready to learn mind blowing magic tricks that will astound audiences from his jam-packed kit with over 100 easy to learn street magic miracles for kids age 8+.

Inside this magic set you will find some of the most insane Hyper-Visual street magic tricks which Apollo has performed around the world and which have been designed to gain jaw dropping reactions.

Some of the amazing unique and exclusive illusions Included in the kit are, Magic with a Baseball Cap (HP Patented Trick), Self-tying shoelaces, Vanishing ink, Magic with sponge, Levitation magic, Bend a Spoon with your mind, Amazing Card Magic over 20 Tricks and much more...

Click here to to see the online video instructions. (The password to view this content can be found in the Apollo Jackson Hyper - Visual Street Magic Manual).

Ages 8+