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Adventurous Play


For children, playing, creating, learning, developing and doing are all integrated. Learning through play is supported by skilled educators through the curriculum. Children are not consciously learning, they are not playing to learn, they are playing for the sheer joy it brings them. The learning and development occur naturally.

This book is a practical interpretation of the thoughts and ideas that underpin the meeting of children’s developmental needs, and acknowledges the critical role of providing play opportunities needed by children, particularly in early childhood centres.

It presents a wealth of detail on areas such as:

  • how to create and interpret challenging and stimulating play
  • how to see safety in the context of children’s developmental needs
  • how to enrich the play space

The book provides the needed link to ensure that children can flourish within an ever-changing environment, varied forms of spaces and varying social configurations, as well as thought-provoking examples shown through a wide selection of photographs. It supplies a fundamental framework for all parties involved in early childhood centres to understand and act upon the needs of young children during the most formative years of their lives.

Pages: 90 | Ages: 0-5

By Niki Buchan