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Gemstones and Minerals of Australia


Australia's gemstones and minerals are a treasure chest of world renown.

This guide Gemstones and Minerals of Australia describes Australia's common minerals and gems as well as some rarities. It will assist collectors to identify a wide range of specimens.

The book features over 300 colour photographs to accompany the gem and mineral entries.

Part 1 introduces the reader to gems and minerals and their chemical and crystal systems. It also gives tips on recognising and valuing specimens.

Part 2 describes each gemstone and mineral, detailing its composition, structure, habit, form, properties and distribution.

Useful additions to the book are a glossary, a list of the chemical elements and information on the size and source of each specimen pictured.

Dr Lin Sutherland is a Senior Research Fellow in Geoscience and the Australian Museum.

Gayle Sutherland is a gemmologist in Geoscience at the Australian Museum.

Most of the photographs were supplied by Jim Frazier and staff at the Australian Museum.