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Brain Spice

Help Your Child Excel At Reading


Book - Mature Age

Parents want to know more about how to help their children succeed. "Help Your Child To Excel At Reading" is full of information to help parents knowledgeably guide their children as they learn how to read and write so their children can achieve their full potential while feeling great and believing in themselves. It is helpful for parents with children from 4 to 14 years.

The book is written by a teacher and gives accurate information about the latest methods for teaching literacy. It links reading and writing strategies. It encourages the transfer of skills to new topics and developmental levels. It explains how to help children achieve real reading success making reading something instinctive, as well as something they learn to love doing. The book discusses a consistent theme of developing all aspects of the child the emotional, social and educational. It emphasizes the importance of the partnership between home and school, and discusses the different approaches to help children connect sounds, sound patterns in the written form and to use a variety of strategies to obtain meaning from reading and to write meaningfully.