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What is Brain Spice?

Colin at Brain Spice

Colin Scanlan, owner and manager of Brain Spice, failing to duck under the counter quickly enough.

Your brain loves learning!

My love affair with science and the mysteries of the universe began as a 7-year old. Remember the Curiosity Show, anyone? This wonderful 70's TV show was a melting pot of science experiments, fascinating toys, mathematical conundrums and mind-bending illusions. I owe much to show presenters Deane Hutton and Rob Morrison, because now that I consider it, Brain Spice was born right there and then.  So, what is Brain Spice?


First and foremost, Brain Spice is an educational resources supplier. We have a wide and growing range of Australian Curriculum relevant products for teachers, parents and students. We aim to be the support that southwest WA teachers need, because quite frankly teacher people, you are awesome. I have only deepest respect for anyone who decides to take on this vastly important, incredibly challenging, and often thankless career.


However, we are an educational resources supplier with a difference: we love things that intrigue, challenge, fascinate, or mystify. Our hand-picked range of puzzles, gadgets, models, science kits, magic tricks, books and tabletop games has been assembled from across the planet. We aim to promote not just learning, but a hands-on exploration of our amazing world, as well as an appreciation of that incredible thing between our ears. 


We are bombarded with information every day.  The ability to discern good information from bad is more important than ever.


I believe that science is for everyone.  Real science is a personal voyage, and one that demands clear thinking, self-honesty, and humility.  Science separates fact from fiction, but it takes courage to question.  Everyone can be, and really needs to be, something of a scientist in today's world.


Brain Spice opened in November 2014, and is the collaboration of three people:

  • myself, Colin Scanlan (Owner / Manager, chemist of 25 years, amateur artist, electronics enthusiast, slightly tragic magic tricks collector), 
  • my wife, Christine Scanlan (Education Specialist, primary teacher of 25 years, passionate educator, paper and card hobbyist), 
  • our very dear friend, Shondelle Watts (Assistant Manager, chemist of 10 years, trainee teacher, talented if slightly OCD organiser and innovator, boardgame connoisseur).
We hope that you enjoy our ecclectic range, and perhaps come to visit us someday.  We even have complimentary coffee!

Colin Scanlan
Owner / Manager